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Finca Las Moritas is located in the mountainous region of El Progreso in Eastern Guatemala. Amongst the pine trees and avocadoes are some stunning coffee plants that Higinio Gomez and his wife Aura have crafted over 20 years.

While they have many parcels of land and varieties of coffee, this lot is comprised of only Yellow Pacamara. The yellow refers to the color of the cherry and Pacamara is the unique variety of Arabica coffee. These are two identifiers that make this lot special. We’ve found yellow cherries to produce more floral notes, and Pacamara is noted for its enormous bean size and interesting flavor profile.

Notes |

Tropical Fruits, Impeccably Clean, Lemon


  • Variety
    • Yellow Pacamara
  • Process
    • Wet

More About This Coffee

This is a rare lot as only a handful of bags were produced of this Yellow Pacamara. We are thrilled to bring it to you as a limited offering. With notes of Passionfruit, kumquat, nougat, and a delicate body that reminds us of fancy grade maple syrup, you’re going to be blown away by this coffee.

Drink it as a pourover, or as a short Americano.