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Finca Don Joel is a washing station in the West Valley of Costa Rica. This lot is yellow honey, which means that 10-20% of the mucilage is left on the seed after milling before it’s dried in the sun on raised beds.

This lot is exclusively the SL-28 variety, which is an isolated Bourbon variety from Kenya. This gives the coffee its trademark acidity and unique tropical fruit flavor notes.

Notes |

Black Currant, Guava, Concord Grape


  • Variety
    • SL-28
  • Process
    • Wet

More About This Coffee

Don Joel is named after farmer Allan Oviedo’s late father, Joel. This station is built with exceptional attention to detail which has allowed them to take home awards in multiple Cup of Excellence competitions.

In  the cup: Deeply rich and full of decadent fruit notes, like black currant, kumquat, guava, and a bouquet of concord grapes. This coffee is vivid and complex while also maintaining a nice structured sensibility that creates balance overall. The finish is like caramel poured over fresh berries.