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The Banko Gotiti washing station and cooperative is named after the town it has close proximity to, but for years was a part of the larger Worka Cooperative. For those who remember the fabled naturally processed coffees from the early 2010s, Worka is a name that embodies big and intense fruit notes.  

Now, the washing station sees hundreds of smallholder farmers bring their smaller allotments each harvest season. Farms can be as small as 1/8 of a hectare. The varieties are mostly Ethiopia landraces, meaning naturally occurring. 

Notes |

Plums, Fresh Strawberry, Pristine


  • Variety
    • Ethiopian,
    • Heirloom
  • Process
    • Dry

More About This Coffee

This is a naturally processed coffee dried on raised beds for up to 20 days. The flavor is dominated by big ripe fresh fruits like plum and strawberry. The body is crystalline like fancy grade maple syrup.