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Cultivada is an attempt to put some fairness and equity into our supply chains. The ICO reported that around 1/5 of the world’s coffee farmers are women, and up to 70% of the labor in the production of coffee is from women. However, representation and acknowledgement is sorely below these figures. Cultivada is a mark on our menu that will always represent coffee grown by women.


  • Variety
    • Bourbon, Caturra
  • Process
    • Wet

More About This Coffee

Pulcal is a relationship coffee from Antigua, Guatemala. Maria Zelaya has been producing some of the world’s best coffee for over 50 years. Dynamic and delicate, this year’s crop is filled with aromatic plum, and creamy almond marzipan flavors.

On our past visits with Maria, what stands out the most is her drive and curiosity. She has raised prize cattle since she was just in her teens, and was taking home top honors starting with her first ever cow, Primarosa. On top of cattle, she has a perfect heirloom rose garden on the grounds of the estate at the mill.

She grows beautiful coffee with the help of her nephew Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, who oversees the farm and its manager. History, tradition, and absolutely exquisite coffees. That’s hard to beat.