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Limited to just 65 bags 12oz Retail Bags. This Gesha lot comes from the famed Sumava mill and farm in the West Valley of Costa Rica. Francisco Mena and Juan Ramon Alvarado have put their heart, soul, and faith into making on the premier farms in Costa Rica. They grow a myriad of varieties and use a refined processing method to achieve world-class coffees.

Notes |

Boysenberry, Currant, Honeysuckle


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  • Variety
    • Gesha
  • Process
    • White Honey

More About This Coffee

This lot was hand-picked and processed using the White Honey method. After reception they are sorted to include only the ripest red cherries, and then put through the mill. The mill removes the skin, and slowly pushes them through a sieve that uses friction to remove the cherry’s mucilage. This mimics the flavor profile of washed coffee, but doesn’t include the use of water.