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Tipico Coffee is an employee-centric, values-drive, national award-winning, direct-trade coffee roasting company and cafe based in Buffalo, NY.  Co-owners Jesse Crouse and Pete Herman are deeply committed to building a business with deep care for its team of employees, its local community, to the farmers producing our coffee, and to the sourcing and roasting of high quality, delicious coffees for your enjoyment.



Tipico’s coffee program reflects a decade of building relationships with industry experts and world class farmers, and its efforts toward creating the most transparent supply chain possible. Our meticulous roasting protocols, and knowing exactly who we are buying coffee from, allow us to create coffees that highlight their inherent traits, and to deliver a product that stands above all the rest. You can learn more and buy our coffees at or visit our new café at 1084 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY, 14222.


Just blocks away from our cafe sits our roasting operations. We roast our coffee on an American-made Diedrich IR-12, using professional datalogging software (Cropster) to detail exact roast specifications for each of our coffees. We’ll soon be fitted with a full tasting room, and start to host various events and classes.

If you are looking for a world-class roaster to pair with, hit us up and let’s chat about how we can partner together.


Explore our premium coffees, and sip into oblivion.